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It can't be done without force

That's just one problem. If you reject the possibility of force fine, but then it definitely won't work. People will figure out the scam and run away, and quick.

This is just plain old central planning collectivism with a sci-fi trappings of a magical central computer.

That computer is not your friend.

That computer certainly cannot calculate prices.

Only humans acting freely can do that, because only humans can decide, based on all available options what they prefer and in what priority. Humans don't even know from second to second what that is for themselves. It can change at any moment, with any new information.

The wealth created by a free society is just too great a force. No one will stay in a planned society, even if they have an innate attraction to being a sheep and having a 'shepherd'.

Maoists and the comintern understand this. They understand that for socialism to survive, capitalism must die a permanent death. There must not exist the option of freedom or people will choose it.