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With alcohol

an overdose is reaching the state of alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning itself is not always fatal, some people will recover on their own, others will have to get their stomachs pumped, but nevertheless, alcohol poisoning can lead to death. Upon achieving the poisoned state, the individual may "pass out." They may not wake up.

With cannabis however, if one "passes out" they are sure to wake up, because the "passing out" 99.9% of the time has to do with lack of air. Take a big hit from a bong and there's a good chance you will feel lightheaded. Take 2 huge hits one immediately after the other, and yea there is a chance you could pass out due to oxygen deprivation. This can happen if you're smoking buds or an extract, so for the article to say that people are passing out because of the extract is incorrect. It is about air deprivation in general.

Conclusively, passing out from lack of air intake after some bong hits is not overdosing, however with alcohol, it could be considered such.