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Not sure there is a definitive way to determine if it's the same guy using only these pictures, but just a few things I noticed.

1. Look at the ears. Specifically, the shape and direction of protrusion at the top of the ear. Compare the top tip. In the pics, they do not appear to be consistent.

2. I also picked up on the jawline. Alexis appears to have a wider, more square, and more pronounced jawline.

These are just my opinions. I'm a graphic artist, and regularly have to touch up photos while reviewing extreme close-ups. I'm by no means an expert, but I was just offering these clues to add to the discussion.

Typically, I like to go pull more images other than the few that surface every time this sort of thing comes up. I'd recommend trying to find more images of the guy in the background, something with a better angle to key in on the ears to compare them to Alexis's uniquely shaped ears.

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