Comment: I dont want Rand or anyone to make me happy.

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I dont want Rand or anyone to make me happy.

My happiniss is my decission and no one elses.

Rand Paul betrayed me and showed me a lack of morality. I can not trust him to represent me.

You can make it into a emotional happiness poo poo if you like. I still say he loves IzUnReal and needs to go there and be a politition he will fit right in.

You deflect and ignore the facts. He endorsed the NWO, Rothschild Zionist funded puppet Mit Romney against my support of Ron Paul and my strong belief in individual sovereignty. In spite of the fact that the Gov is infested with the zio izunreal controllers and zio roth central bankers he is a go along and get along on the very most important issues to me. Things like honesty and loyalty. These are not qualities that are in agreement with sneak stratigy to say and do one thing yet deny having done it with excuses.

Anyway you know better and you are acting as moraly bankrupt as Rand by your coment about Rand making me happy. As the country is brought down it becomes less and less of a joke.