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Well put

A pupet show brought to you by the cheif counterfiters of false debt in the world. Your gona love the ending.

Ps I will not be watching the evil puppet show. Ill be watching my freedom. Thats what the whole puppet show is about. while the audience (humanity) is terriorized, hearded in this diriction and that by the puppets in the puppet show the phyco zio extortionists, liars, thieves, and mass murderers disperse among the audience. Stealing each and every humans individual freedom.

Its a leaderless revolution because every decent leader that stands up is taken down by coruption, death, duplication by doppleganger puppets (as you describe the above) then lead off the cliff in some hiligan diagalectic box with only 2 choices and both become the same one.

So leaderless does not mean alone. Just means every person is the leader.

Using enlightened disengagement as the best option (best to not give much attention to the puppet show it gives them unwarranted power they do not deserve) GhandI, Jesus, both used enlightened disengagement in a leaderless revoluton and won. This false debt slave system will end soon to the great advantage of humanity.

Once a critical mass of individuals reject and choose a new system humanity will follow like a great sucking sound the Roth Zio era will end.