Comment: I feel I need to address a few of these comments.

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I feel I need to address a few of these comments.

Many of you have been most helpful with your suggestions. But a few of you go back to the same comments that we have heard from most of the alternative drs over the last year. So I feel I need to address those comments:

No one knows when someone is going to die, so for anyone to quote average "statistics" and say well he went 13 years past that, so "it's his time to die," or he "led a good life, let him go", is insensitive to say the least. Neither you nor I or anyone, knows when someone will die. As long as they are still breathing, you have to keep trying.

"Is he suffering." Why of course he is. He complains everyday about how he feels, with pains in every joint in his body and stiffness in every muscle, his balance problems when walking, his foggy headedness, his extreme fatigue, the visions and things he sees from time to time, and his general overall health, etc., etc. He is fully aware of how he feels. He isn't some vegetable in a chair. I have been trying to get him to see an alternative doctor/practioner for almost 8 years. But the thing that always got in the way was money. We always had something that had to be fixed around the house or the car, and that where the money went. I kept begging him to do something alternatively, but the money just wasn't there, and most of these practioners charge huge sums of money for their consultations and it is very rarely if ever covered by insurance. When I hear a comment like that one, I expect I will soon hear that it's time to euthanize him.

My father hears this all the time when we are in the practioner's office, or in the hospital. He feels he is being cast off because of his age, and it HURTS.

It is absolutely ridiculous the mentality that we have in this society about old people. Even in alternative medicine, this mentality exists. It seems to be almost a mortal sin to want to even try and help or reverse health conditions in the elderly; like they are a burden and the faster we can rid society of this burden the better. Many of you say these things or think them and think that's the way it should be. But don't you realize you are no better than the death panels of Obamacare or the greedy politicians. Society is, in effect, sending our aged out to pasture to die, by suggesting that they go in a nursing home, or have nursing care to "manage" their conditions, almost like they are too far gone to help them with natural medicine. Are they any less worthy to be helped than anyone else? As long as a person is still breathing, has a heartbeat, and a will to live, we must do everything in our power to help, and to try and reverse these problems/conditions, just as we can do for people who are "younger." Some of you will fire back and say you were just being "realistic." How about the same realism for, hypothetically, a terminal cancer patient, half my father's age, who has been sent home to die by conventional medicine? Would you tell him/her that they must be "realistic" and face facts and just die, after they turned to alternative medicine for hope? The human body is the human body, regardless of age, and they are all effected by the same problems from diet, toxins, metals, etc. When some of you can see that, you will see what I am after here.