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Gee, if I were feeling a lil

Gee, if I were feeling a lil more poetic today I could post a poem that poked at the lunatic theists as well. Where would it get is? How would that further the liberty conversation.

I was raised up in the house of a Nazerene minister. Plenty of time in the pews has left me with a with a low reguard of the masses that filled them because it was a cultural thing. It was a good place for the kids, etc. I do infact have a lower reguard for those intellectually bankrupt or lazy authoritarians than I do of the sociopaths with the lead in their hands. The sociopaths would be the emporer with no clothes if the people revoked their consent. Unfortunately the slaves consent is embedded in most religions. I have witnessed deeper and more civil discussions on issues of morality and ethics by atheists than by theists. That is my perception as a 40 year old white male from the Bible Belt.