Comment: It was reason took me away

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It was reason took me away

It was reason took me away from organized religion to atheism then further reason took me to the spiritual path I am now on.

We are facing a great convergence in the human psyche in which the schism between science and religion is closing. Revelations in science is now aligning with ancient texts and spiritual writings.

With the advent of quantum physics and the revelation that all matter is just energy frequencies, we come to realize that our intention can shape the reality around us. This was proven when they found that by observation alone, particles acted in a different manner than when they ran the experiment when nobody was around.

Perhaps there is an intelligence that has created our reality for our souls to live in and learn to better grow spiritually, kind of like a video game. This architect plays a beautiful melody that vibrates energy into all we perceive. We are too given this gift of making our own melodies by or own intention and creation. If the creation is pure it is harmonic with the vibration of this reality and we grow spiritually, if what we do is evil or negative the vibration is out of sink with the harmonics of life which creates bad situations. This is actually describes rather interestingly in Tolkein’s books. Satan or Lucifer is trying to create his own vibration separate from the architect and to pull us into that world. This entity works through the world elite and their goal is utter domination so Satan’s melody is the only thing we perceive and not that of the architect or God. Monsanto is a perfect example of this- growing food organically in harmony with the natural world vs genetic engineering that spreads like a disease.

In any case, we need to stay away from divisive Atheist vs Religious conversations and find some common ground we share as part of humanity. It will probably not change anyone’s opinion but we need that perspective and understanding of each other to move the Liberty torch forward.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.