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Certainly then you'd agree

Certainly then you'd agree that if Im walking down the street with a AR15, fully loaded, and I tell you I have intention of killing your family, and I show such intention... If you shoot and kill me before , and I have harmed no one in your family nor you, then you are guilty of murder. YOU did the harm, I did none. You have no right to preemptively preventing my crime, until I have committed such.

If I break into your house, and do the same as above, likewise, you have no right to protection until I have harmed/killed.

Self defense is a "Prior restraint" law.

A moral society does not need laws period. NONE. Common sense and morality SHOULD guide our actions. Laws are written for those who do not follow such guides in life.

This is not a "seat belt" law where you and you alone suffer the consequences of your actions.

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