Comment: How dare you accuse me of being "Israel first"...?

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How dare you accuse me of being "Israel first"...?

What can someone do when they are falsely accused of something?

You have just falsely, baselessly accused me of "secretly supporting" AIPAC. You have blamed me for NOT starting another thread on Saudi Arabia, or other nations' lobbying efforts...?
You then accuse me of 'cluttering up' your little hate-on-Israel circle jerk thread, with my horrible objective thinking. Thanks for trying to silence my right to speak my mind on this site. I thought this site was specifically so that we could intelligently discuss these kinds of issues. I am not exactly against you on this topic either, unless you are a Saudi lobbyist.

You called me "Israel firster".

I have never supported foreign aid, interventionism, globalism, or anything that can be construed as putting Israeli interests ahead of American interests. Where you get off accusing me of that is beyond me, but it's on you.

To me, you are an anti-Israel troll, if you are willing to baselessly attack another poster who for the most part is agreeing with you, solely because he is not outright anti-Israel, and only anti-Israel, as you are. You are fine with whatever evil globalist agenda another nation, especially a Muslim nation, might have, so long as it is bad for Israel. I see hypocrite phony liberty supporters here all the time supporting the U.N. and globalism whenever it hurts Israel. Just admit your sole reason for being here is because you want to destroy Israel. Name me one Muslim country that has ever supported individual liberty? Liberty is the enemy of Islam, by definition, which means, 'Submission'.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?