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Did you even read what I said?

It doesn't seem like you did.

You must be one of those RP supporters who gets all butthurt when anyone advocates anything that might be of the slightest inconvenience to them.

It certainly is a revenue generator, and no, they do not care about your safety. Did you not read what I said about NO FINE??

There is PLENTY of evidence to substantiate the dangers of texting while driving.
And I have WITNESSED more than enough "evidence" first hand. From the countless teenage bimbo's swerving in and out of lane almost hitting me, etc. To the many numbers of accidents that happen around here, and later to be found the person was texting.

Perhaps we should allow people to drive drunk too? Why not. It's only over 10k people that are killed every year from idiots that decide to drink and drive.
Do you like driving drunk too? Well than, far be it from me to suggest we inconvenience that desire of yours as well.

Now as I said before which you failed to note.
I am against all financial penalties for ANY of these violations.
By simply removing the monetary gain you would curb the abuses of law enforcement substantially. Such as the blood alcohol content threshold being regarded as to low, which is mostly that way to increase revenue.
No revenue generation?? Say goodbye to DUI checkpoints. You think they'd bother with no financial incentive? No.

"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." -- James Madison