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Comment: You are not thinking this through

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You are not thinking this through

First, the Pope is not a political leader, he is a religious leader. Call him a liar or disingenuous; that is a different debate. Assume he is what he is supposed to be; that is a religious leader.

Do not assume he is making intellectual statements about the macro economy. Assume as he should be that he is speaking kind and theistic proverbs to the man and not the men among us. He may be speaking to John Smith, or to Uncle Scrooge. Those sorts of people could use that message. Perhaps there are others like, name someone, who do employ as good capitalists, and who do subscribe to libertarianism, but who also do indeed take care of their workers. That is what the Pope may say is lacking in today's world. We have no business men, we have only people who care about themselves. This is not a crime of course, but in any world it is something which can be shunned. You don't scratch my back I wont scratch yours.

Think through what he says. Imagine if it was the Dalai Lama speaking useless but befuddling proverbs. Just a thought for the day.