Comment: Although it makes sense to

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Although it makes sense to

Although it makes sense to have a law for texting and driving, I think it's a bit much. In my opinion it's just another excuse for police to pull you over and make more $. Laws do not stop someone from doing something, they will do it regardless.

I chose not to text and drive because it's a bad decision, just like drinking and driving. However, I do like to use my GPS on my phone to get directions when I'm going on a trip or to somewhere I don't know, how does a police officer know you're texting? What if you were answering a phone call or trying to find directions to where you're going?

People are just ignorant, they do things that make them terrible drivers (Putting on make-up, eating, looking in the mirror) are any of those things any less dangerous then texting and driving? It's called being distracted and you can't force people to stop, they need to do it on their own.