Comment: Whether Israel is an apartheid state, is certainly debatable...

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Whether Israel is an apartheid state, is certainly debatable...

I stated to AtlanticIconoclast that I don't think it is. Again, the issue is debatable. I also have made clear many times that I don't agree with a lot of the Israeli government's actions.

That said, the point of my comments are not about that debate, but about lobbying groups, and while I am no fan of AIPAC, and have stated as much several times, there are other nations that lobby the US government as well, whose relationships with our government are equally harmful to this nation, if not more so than Israel.

The minute that I imply there may be other forces than just Israel that are at work, I get attacked and downvoted by the usual suspects, into oblivion.

Now to address your comment, I never said post-WWII Palestine was an "ignorant, lazy, backwater", as you put it. I never said anything like that. But it's not producing anything now.
And as for "revisionist history" being taught in Israel, I wouldn't know as I am a NB American Citizen, and never been to Israel. But, I do know, as I have seen exactly what the Palestinian children are taught, and the Jew hatred they are systematically taught, makes your "revisionist history" look like Sesame street. Indeed, the Pallies are the ones teaching the revisionist history. And yes, apparently no government can trusted to education, nor should they be. Everywhere, definitely including the US, has terrible education, teaching half-truths and misinformation.

I have definitely NOT fallen into any national narrative. I believe it is apparent that many posters here, have done that very thing. Whether they be parroting the lies that the PLO spews, or they are blindly supporting Putin and the globalists, or even posters like Granger who blindly support Israel and accept U.N. globalism. For you to claim I have fallen for some national narrative, you first have to state that narrative, then show how/where I have parroted that narrative. I oppose the NWO globalist agenda. Israel is not my #1 enemy. In fact they are not my enemy at all. The globalist elitists who are in all governments are my enemy.

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