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Comment: Peer to Peer wireless mesh

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Peer to Peer wireless mesh

This is a really good post MichaelMcC and in the vein as my thought so I want to attach it here.

I feel that an abusive government's first and strongest weapon against an law abiding and Constitutional public would be surveillance. Second would be in censorship and controlling the message.

Surveillance would give them the opportunity to collect evidence to prosecute us with their new rules when spied on in telephone, voice, text, web posting, etc.

They would also propagandize, censor and block our communications to control the message.

To combat this we would need non-centralized communication with trust worthy delivery algorithms.

Non-centralized means a device we can build on our own, carry or place at our discretion and not be disable-able from a central point. I picture frequency hopping wireless mesh network peer-to-peer. Wireless needs to be strong enough to connect our individual persons and strategically placed devices.

Encryption needs to be like bitcoin where we can detect if data has been copied or changed.

I think the first defense strategy would be to keep ourselves out of prison to continue to inform and defend our families and neighbors against a law breaking government.