Comment: I think the biggest mistake

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I think the biggest mistake

made by the GOP is to keep calling this scam Obamacare! Obama is a puppet Manchurian Candidate who had nothing to do with this scam, and is a lame duck. Continuing to use this against Obama doesn't really do anything to effect the direction we are headed. If the GOP really wanted to make a difference they would change the name to 'Democare', because it was they who were behind its creation. But, since we have a government of collectivists, they stay with this game of charades, letting the Dems off the hook. Most GOP members don't want to end this hoax, they only want to change it so their 'special interests' groups benefit, instead of those who back the democrats. When are people going to figure out we don't have a government to represent us, and turn their focus on their state government and force them to use the 'nulification' clause to stand for 10th Amendment rights. We aren't going to change the federal game who are dominated by corporate money to people who only care about power, control, and greed!