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Comment: Where does NOAA take their ships to recharge their R-12?

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Where does NOAA take their ships to recharge their R-12?

Just a simple, harmless little question. The US and other PC countries banned it but that doesn't mean it isn't being produced and used in "developing countries" Just because you can't get good freon for your old Chevelle doesn't mean uncle Sam can't get it for his Navy. He just has to know where to pull in to port for fueling and repairs. Oh wait, that's just another crazy conspiracy theory. The ozone layer would be demolished by now if 3rd world countries like China and Mexico were still manufacturing and using CFCs.... one of the many faces of Agenda 21. It's not about saving the earth, it's about controlling people. Walk into an autozone south of the border and see if R-12 is on the shelf for a few bucks a pound. Try bringing it across the border and you'll go to jail. CFCs can't get to the ozone layer from Mexico, you know. By the way, I have no facts or proof, just hearsay so if someone knows better, please inform!

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