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Ok, so this was as one sided as it could get.. I really thought Peter Joseph would've held his own a lot better from hearing him speak, but Molyneux destroyed every argument with facts and not small jabbish' ab hominems, unlike Peter.

I've read and listened to James Gilligan, Gabor Yate, Robert Sapolsky, and Richard Wilkinson many many times over because I see them all as pioneers in behavioral science and I learned a LOT about my life and others from listening to them, but it seems Peter's using the information they have provided incorrectly. Yes, there is a formula that brings about fear which brings violence and yes, it has a lot to do with inequality and classism, but the causes that he claims are creating this inequality are not entirely correct...
I think he's using the information in the way that gun ban activist use there's; guns = gun crimes, capitalism = poor people, so get rid of it completely.I understand the logic and where he came up with it, but there are components missing in these type of arguments. Like Molyneux explained, a true free market transaction means that both parties come out winning, both get something they want.
I hear the argument that in desperation you may have to sell low or may feel you lost out on a deal, but there is something called accountability and we should be taught day 1 on this Earth that you have to be responsible for your own actions and use critical thinking to make sure you can make smart informed decisions and deal with every aspect of life. This has to do with education and logic. You also have friends and family to help, especially when everyone is doing a lot better, financially.

It's really hard to explain a Voluntaryist society or even the free market to someone that hasn't heard of it before because we really haven't seen one in the US.. Most people really think that what we have now is capitalism, so the word will forever be seen as some evil tool used for personal greedy gain. The misconception is apparent, like how Peter admitted being personally screwed over by the system he called "capitalism" but it was just another form of government that hurt him, not a free market.

Also, he doesn't understand that in a Voluntaryist society prices of everything will basically be dirt cheap as there will forever be competing businesses and currencies with no monopolies, which in turn will help level out the inequality in our society and be affordable for almost everyone. The education system will be revamped and HAVE to compete for our children's attendance, same with hospitals and rehab centers; (I agree with Gilligan and would like to change our process of caging people to start rehabbing them instead).
There are so many aspects of life that would change from what we have now in a voluntaryist society, not only economically but socially.

Now, the RBE (resource based economy) system is a great idea and if there is a way to make sure the computerized algorithm of how resources could be allocated couldn't possibly be corrupted by anyone then I would be for that idea completely because it is very logical and peaceful, but right now there isn't one, so I stick with Anarchism as the only way to freedom.

Stefan Molyneux 1 Peter Joseph 0