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Let me try to help.

The one thing you need is to have people be insightful and mindful of the long term consequences of their actions...and of course entirely responsible for them.

Points conceded:

1. It doesn't look like we'll get all of humanity on board any time soon. (Thus, the founder's noninterventionist approach---only create a limited sphere of self government among those who can handle it.) But basically a worldwide solution as either/both of these debaters envision is probably unrealistic.

2. We're not even getting a large (or even significant) number of people on board yet. It would just take about 3000 (of the right kind of people) to have a thriving voluntarist economy in a rural county and have the Federal and State governments essentially excluded. It would be a stateless society.

Point not conceded:

It is impossible to get those 3000 people. I think it is, but it's still going to take some work.

I'm glossing over where the minds of those 3000 people need to be, but the pieces are coming together. It's not with Ayn Rand, nor with Molyneux, nor certainly with Peter Joseph.

But connection to the land and preservation of resources for future generations has got to be there. Check out Wendell Berry (e.g., The Unsettling of America) to see the right direction.

In short, you need to create a society of people who reject any incentive to acquire an inappropriate level of power. That is the key. People may be "incentivized," but there's hope that people can think beyond the incentives and act accordingly. There's no reason to believe that's not possible (modulo the conceded points above).