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Lawful money

What i think those of you debating this thread, other than david merrill, are missing, is that if the law states they are redeemable in lawful money upon demand, there must still be a form of lawful money in existence. Whether they have any to hand over to you is really insignificant. You make your demand, and that is that. If you were to gather some old US Notes, and take them to the store, they will accept them the same as frn's. i have done this. They look at the notes a little oddly, and then you, but they are still redeemable for goods. It really doesnt matter if the treasury isnt printing them. But the larger problem i see with this thread is clinging to the constitution like it is the end all be all. The gov obviously doesnt really care what it says. And unless you force them to care, that wont change. So i suggest interpreting and using the laws written by congress to work your magic

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