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"Tea Party Mike"

Mike Kelly was the absolute favorite among the strongest so-called conservatives, beating out other Liberty candidates that were running at the time. The Christian Coalition backed him, the local Republican committees backed him, as did the Tea Party, as Mike prided and spoke about restoring the Constitution and returning to Conservative Republican values. Mike touted to everybody that he was a true Tea Party candidate.

Mike won the election. Everybody cheered and applauded.

In 2012, "Tea Party Mike" earned a 70% disapproval rating. Against NDAA indefinite detention, he voted FOR it. Against Patriot Act, he voted FOR it, three times in a row. Against higher debt/taxes, he voted FOR it. Among many other things.

Now that he is in, nobody has stepped up or has the funds to run against him. That means...wait for it...we are stuck with him.

That is the story of "Tea Party Mike", who promised/vowed to restore Constitutional and Conservative Republican values.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul