Comment: Would you rather Cruz do NOTHING?

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Would you rather Cruz do NOTHING?

I'm a Ron Paul patriot through and through. But the skepticism in my opinion of both Rand Paul and Ted Cruz within the RP/Libertarian community is to an unhealthy degree.

I wonder if anyone who criticizes Rand Paul for walking the line on certain issues ever thought about this: Ron Paul was unwavering and would never budge on many of his opinions on issues.

In the political climate today (filled with sheep listening to Fox News, MSNBC and CNN), Rand Paul MUST present himself as a legitimate Conservative AND a legitimate cannot do that by being a carbon copy of Ron Paul--In two elections, the establishment all but shut RP out of the presidency. If you think Rand Paul isn't his fathers son--I think you are all just a little too ridgid in your own thinking. The above statement relates to Ted Cruz because he is being compared to Rand Paul at every turn. Instead of having Ted Cruz prove himself before you will "let him in", why don't we put a little faith in someone who seems to be one of the good guys?

I wonder if those calling the shots on the libertarian front (Ron, Rand, and others) don't have a plan--maybe the plan that Ron Paul stated could be talked about "in 20 years or so." Maybe we are seeing a buildup to the election that could see Rand Paul and Ted Cruz as running mates? This ticket would appeal to both "conservatives" and "Libertarians." In turn we might see huge numbers of voters for this duo at the polls.

It's just a thought, and I don't have a crystal ball...but one thing is for sure...I think ALL of us in the Libertarian/Patriot movement should give Ted Cruz the benefit of the doubt instead of doubting his integrity or intentions just because the establishment likes him--that's what we want!

Additionally, we should be THANKFUL we have someone like him in Congress to bring attention to the issues that WE are concerned with.

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