Comment: Kucinich is for full Bore Socialized medicine

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Kucinich is for full Bore Socialized medicine

But we treat him with great respect and deference on this board.

Cruz, on the other hand is a charlatan.

I have read the critical posts. They are a bit vague. But I gather the jist of it is that he is a grandstander and a power monger who cannot be trusted.

This may be so. But I would ask the question, "What does one have to do in this predicament to not appear a grandstander and power hungry politician?" Nothing? Support this Obamacare scam?

I would like more specific ideas on what you all feel our representatives should be doing right now?
If you have any ideas, beyond learning how to sprout beans or hunt squirrel in an urban setting, I would certainly like to hear them. But if all your ideas amount to ignoring the current system as a shame and working on local solutions, then I would like you to tell me how you personally plan to avoid the "penalty tax" for not participating in Obamacare. What is your local solution for that?

No, you'll crack wise on here. But it will be your very asses standing in line at your local exchange.

Perhaps I do not understand Libertarianism. Maybe there is room for something like mandatory participation in federalized healthcare within that philosophy.

I would truly love to know a bit more about you guys. Sometimes I image that the per capita net worth on this board is astounding, as the economic misery being caused by this program and this government seems a trivial side issue, drawing far less notice than the latest Zionist rant.

I live in the real world. That world is falling apart. In that world people are being laid off and guys who look like CPA's are working the drive through window at McDonalds. And those of us who live in that world think that this Obamacare shit needs to go. AND, I appreciate ANYONE who is standing up against it. I don't have the luxury to say "to hell with it all" or to engage in a deep psychologically profiling of everyone actually fighting this insanity.