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Comment: Stef was wrong on this point

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Stef was wrong on this point

Although it doesn't change his overall position.

The market is the state of nature and precedes the state. The state comes into existence when the context is such that enough wealth is created that a parasitic class is sustainable. This is why it usually follows significant agriculture. Farmers accumulate resources, and can't really run away. Human raiders become human ranchers eventually figure out they can move in with the herd and pretend to be one of them. This allows them to squeeze as many resources from the herd as possible, and also, incidentally, to protect their herd of humans from other ranchers.

The state always starts being seen as an oppressor but through various processes infiltrate the society, such that the predator class convinces the prey class that they are somehow better off for the predator class. Religion, public 'education', sharing some of the spoils, and forcing different superficially different groups to fight each other for a share of the spoils that the ruling class stole from all of them, all these and others are how Satan hides among us.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he did not exist.