Comment: The co-opt of the floor to prevent a real Paul, continues!

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The co-opt of the floor to prevent a real Paul, continues!

So, the co-opt the floor and prevent a real Paul filibuster, continues!

This faux filibluster is de-toothing the anti 'bandaged care forces'... it is co-opting the senate floor in a faux attempt to challenge the Rand popularity, to take out real opposition to Bomber care, to bring RomneyCruz II up to contender status... all to kill several birds with one 'faux-filli-blunder-stone'!

The neocons have been trying to undo their loss at Rand Paul's real and powerful filibuster earlier, which catapulted their worst nightmare to the top of the 2016 POTUS list, seized the headway in grassroots support, and vaulted Rand Paul into clear front-runner status! A difficult position to de-throne, except by deceit, faux media and good political chess!

Good political chess is what the media together with the neocons, have conspired to serve up to the reliably receptive party couch potatoes!

They have fallen for this dialectic the last few weeks: phoney attacks on Cruz to make him appear more conservative and less McCainish and Kingish to the grassroots, and Cruz's own coveting and craving of his spot on the floor of the senate to pretend to filibuster... a filibuster without clear substance from either a constitutional, economics, common sense, or legal standpoint!

No, this is simply how good corrupt neocon political chess wins both another increase in budget counterfeiting, as well as their totalitarian Bomber-Care, while at the same time removing the threat of a 2016 frontrunner who could very well spell the end of, and take out, the FED!

Ron Paul 2016! Get used to it!