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This is ridiculous

They hinted in the house that the senate had some "unique tools" when they sent this legislation up the pipeline. Normally I would be against the Affordable Care Act, but after this long, and after so many attempts to derail this legislation, the Republicans are absolutely committing turmoil for themselves for the mid-term elections. Not only did they fail to vote yes or no on Syria, in order not to embarrass the president if they failed, they embarrassed themselves, especially if Russia is successful or Assad uses the weapons again.

Next, they have literally tried to repeal AFA dozens of times, and now they are piggy-backing defunding on the defense reauthorization act. And playing games with the debt ceiling, which could result in ANOTHER credit downgrade and economic turmoil if this is done again.

This is a pathetic attempt to imitate Rand Paul's filibuster on drones, but for political theatre. "Alright, so let me read some tweets" on the Senate floor. This is a bit preposterous.

If this was a true takeover of healthcare, the insurance companies would have been nationalized or dissolved. I think what many establishment Republicans fear is that the legislation actually may work, may reduce cost, and may become single payer.

The myth of "no personal physician" and "long wait times" have been going on since the 1950s when the Democrats were pushing for nationalization. They even hired Ronald Reagan to make records about the dangers of the "red threat" and "communism".

If the bill really gave more money to D.C. politicians, there'd be no filibuster. Special interests are determined to stop this legislation. Whether you disagree with it on principle or not, there is a good point that AFA will reduce healthcare expenditures in the budget down to the normal levels of other nations.

And guess what... the exchanges aren't in place yet, which force the insurance companies INTO competition. Right now they are monopolistic and anti-competitive.

And for all this talk, they still won't be able to defund it. If it is successful, for the majority of the population, Republicans are going to have major problems, politically, for quite awhile. This one has been in the Democratic Party playbook for 70 years.