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Comment: What happened to individualism and accepting opposing viewpoints

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What happened to individualism and accepting opposing viewpoints

Surely that is one of the achievements here at Daily Paul.

The myth of a "free market" on healthcare is an establishment myth. Billions of dollars go into healthcare already. The establishment of a free market on health care means no subsidy at all, which is impossible for this government, because they can never keep their hands clean.

I agree with amending the bill to allow purchases across state lines in the exchanges. What are the exchanges, except some hosted website and a reimbursement? I run my own small business and pay $1500/mo. for an individual plan. I have no pre-existings, I have no wife, and no kids. This is a cost prohibitive item. I could be mortgaging a house, putting money back into my business, and bringing this money back into the economy.

But what are we hearing here? HSA? That sounds a lot like SOCIAL SECURITY. You want me to take my money and put it into a savings account that says HEALTH on it with a 0% interest rate? Are you kidding me?