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Underlying thought of this is: 'we need to elect someone that will be always doing right so we can relax'. No, you will never be able to relax and will allways have to watch like a hawk what your rep is doing, be it Ted Cruz, Rand, or even Ron Paul himself!

Cruz is fighting a huge fight, Rand and Ron are supporting him, so please - get behind the people like that and ask: how I can help.
No one knows what will future bring and how each of these guys will develop. One thing is for sure: of course Ted Cruz ws exposed to big busines and high power, of course he is rich, but: would anyone expect some no-name, off-the-street constitutional american to this? No way! It takes a pro like Cruz, or Rand to step in and do it.

Final thought: for next POTUS, vice-pres and GA I hope to see these three guys, no matter on what position: Judge Nap, Cruz and Rand.