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Comment: Who's downvoting this?

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Who's downvoting this?

Not a lot of libertarians around here on the Daily Paul, I reckon. More like safetycrats such as Joan Claybrook.

I am extremely annoyed by texting and driving laws.

I find your arguments persuasive, but then I've always opposed "[fill-in-the-blank]ing and driving" laws. Driving while drinking isn't the same as driving impaired. Driving while texting isn't the same as driving impaired. They should have to demonstrate the dangerousness of the accused rather than making the specious argument that certain things are presumptively dangerous.

Driving while texting laws are just another revenue generator. Proven by the fact that they give out the tickets merely for holding the phone in your hand whether texting or not. My father in law went to court with his phone records to demonstrate that no texts were sent prior to getting a ticket.

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