Comment: I'm sorry...this whole thing

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I'm sorry...this whole thing

I'm sorry...this whole thing just strikes me as another steaming load. First off, Ted Cruz may be the new celeb of the tea party wing, but he still seems ridiculously un-pissed-off when he speaks. And that is a turn off. I don't know, maybe I'm nuts, but at this point with what's happening in our country and especially in the legislature - I want him to sound mad as hell and he sounds like he's chilling on quaaludes or something.

I've been watching live off and on throughout the day and I just cannot...cannot believe these people have been elected (repeatedly! in some cases). They do not sound normal, they do not sound serious, genuine or in any way interested in much more than the exercise in mutual masturbation that is the US Senate social club.

Also...I finally just realized who Ted Cruz reminds me of! Gavin Newsom. I'm a long time SF resident, have seen GN in person a few times - he totally rubs me the way GN did - smarmy and likely to double cross at any second. My distrust meter is pinging big time.