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the crusades? europe fought

the crusades? europe fought for centuries against islamic encroachment. you're trying to put me in the position of defending every act of every person ever involved in Christianity. but i am just defending the integrity of the institution, including the catholic church as its oldest standard bearer. if the standard was to defend every individual, no institution is safe, including Christianity as such.

you're putting yourself in the same indefensible position by making that the standard. do you think any other organization surviving two thousand years could be free of having its hands in politics, secular affairs, property? the corruption inherent in any human society?

don't be a fool. you're only seeing one side of things. by singling out the "vatican" for special evil, ignoring all its good, you're revealing your own narrowness and bigotry. if you weren't coming from a prejudiced perspective, you'd have a more balanced view.

you just don't realize that it is bigotry because its a form traditional and long acceptable in whatever cultural backwater you spring from.