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I'm really surprised to see so many people showing support to SP here. I still think she's essentially hoping to be the quintessential "Tea Party" politician, by saying all the right "Tea Party" things. I think it's something about the way she says 'socialism' with such well-practiced scorn. She knows every arm-chair Republican hears 'socialism', translates it to 'communism', and thinks, 'DIE SOVIET SCUM!'.

And of course she can say whatever she wants. She doesn't hold any office! She doesn't have any more skin in the game than you or I do--she just gets attention because she's outspoken and was the folks woman on the Republican ticket in '08. (And what a sorry year that was).

No, from my perspective, she's almost entirely all about putting up an image, and she's still just as much about "right vs. left" as every Limbaugh, Levin, Hannity, etc. etc. out there.