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I think too many of

you are being way to harsh on Cruz. Yes, he worked for Bush, but that doesn't mean he agreed with everything Bush did. People praise Jim Rogers, and he used to be in partnership with Rothschild agent George Soros. So, does that mean we shouldn't trust what Roger's talks about? To tell you the truth, I don't what anybody says, I look at empirical evidence. On the merit, Cruz has taken as much, if not greater (immigration) for Liberty, as Rand. Both, have cowered down to the Israelis, though, Rand has made some recent comments that appear he might be 'seeing the light'. Even Dr Paul 'walked the tighrope' with Israel, and really doesn't give us a legit statement when he states 'our government restricts the actions of Israel', when two of his supporters, former CIA ME experts, Michael Schueur and Phillip Giraldi, state just the opposite. Until, the masses wake up to the Zionism hoax, created by the Rothschilds, which may not happen until an all out economic collapse, the politicians are going to watch how they approach the Israeli deception. If Cruz was really part of the establishment, they wouldn't be trying to destroy his credibility like they have been doing. Until, the establishment starts praising him for his ambition, I will withhold any judgement against him. Dr Paul wouldn't have endorsed him in the Senate race if he thought he was on the wrong side of his ideological beliefs, you can bank on it.