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Comment: And I hope your dad won! But

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And I hope your dad won! But

And I hope your dad won!

But the fact is, you are not driving on your land, you are driving on public land. And the public has a right to safety. Again, you are confusing freedom with freedumb!

You should have a right to drive safely on public roads, but when you do dumb shit and jeopardize my family's well being, well, there should be laws and/or punishment.

Moreover, you should have the right to risk your own life and to make your own choices, but not the right to risk others or disallow others from driving safely on public roads. And if laws are needed to protect others than the public has a right to those laws.

The big issue here is how you should be punished. Ultimately, if someone is fined, that fine should be used to help the local community, not help the local politicians or bureaucrats get raises. This is where the system is utterly flawed.

This reminds me of what Dr. Paul says about property rights and pollution. If I'm your neighbor and you pollute my air, just because you're doing something on your property doesn't make it just. Once you endanger your neighbors, you have breached that contract with your community and neighborhood.