Comment: Fair Enough...a few answers.

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Fair Enough...a few answers.

#1) How can a freely-swinging weapon be any danger to anyone if the sling is securing the weapon around the man's shoulders and no one has their finger close to the trigger?

It puts fear into people that don't know that the gun is secure. The uneducated see the gun, they watch the news of people committing mass murder. Some of these people are on psychotropic drugs. He's standing on the corner waving a flag at cars as they pass by. It's not a group standing around with signs protesting their 2A rights. It's a lone guy on the side of the road. It looks strange to the uneducated and foolish to some educated.

There have been many accidental mis-fires from guns that the owner swore it wasn't loaded and the safety was on. Gun safety dictates that you always treat a gun as loaded and the safety is off.

Why have a loaded gun for a lone protest? Still that wouldn't alleviate the fear some people have.

#2) Why didn't the dispatcher ask the person calling the police if the man with the gun was brandishing the weapon or pointing it at anyone?

You would have to ask the dispatcher that one. Why couldn't the guy call the local police and tell them they may be getting some calls about him standing on the side of the road protesting his 2A rights with a safety-locked loaded gun on a harness? Had he done that the dispatcher may have asked the question and alleviated the concern from the caller. The caller could have just said, "I'm not sure but it was pointed toward the road." The caller could have lied and said, "yes". That would have brought a different response from the police.

Legally, he didn't have to call the police but sometimes it's best to do things not because you have to rather because it's smarter and with the thought of others that may have possible concern who aren't aware or uneducated.

#3) If the guy with the AR-15 was holding a flag, how could he be intentionally pointing the weapon at anyone?

I never said he was intentionally pointing it at anyone but keep in mind what the police officer said in the video about someone driving by and it appeared it was pointing at them. They may just caught a sudden flash of the gun as they were passing by. They didn't slow down to make sure. Maybe the flag covered the gun and as he was waving the flag the harness adjusted and the gun was no longer pointing down rather sideways.

#4) Even if a man standing on a corner with a gun is something you don't see every day, does that mean it's wrong? (No need to get into a legality debate here as the police stood down and gave the man his property back)

It's not wrong but it's not wise either. There is a smarter way to do it. My original post title was titled "He right and he's wrong."

He could have made the police aware. He could have put-up a sign that passing drivers could have read stating his cause. He had a Ron Paul sign but the media has smeared him as crazy although we both know Ron Paul is the most honest and sane of the whole lot.

#5) Look KMTB, I understand where you are coming from: you don't like the way this kid is protesting because you feel it brings danger to the general populace, correct?

It's not so much the danger as freaking the uneducated out. I think that was his intent. Let me scare some people and have them call the police and tape it when they show to post on youtube. Really? That's going to win hearts and minds of people that disagree with 2A? Better to educate them that we take 2A with a measure of their fear and prove to them that we recognize the responsibility that 2A demands.

It's like two gay guys wearing short-shorts making out on the side of the road to protest their right to be gay. I don't care if they're gay but this not the way to get me to accept you. Don't try to cram it down my throat (no pun intended).

#6) But what if a majority of the population was educated on weapons?

I'm all for that. I don't own a gun. I use to but it was stolen. I've taken the CCW course and decided not to get the permit because if I'm caught with a concealed gun in certain places and I have a CCW permit, it's a felony, whereas if I don't have that permit, it's a misdemeanor.

My best friend owns an arsenal and we go shooting all the time. I enjoy it. I want an AR-15, AK-47, 12-gauge pump with a pistol grip, a couple of Glocks, a revolver and a 55-gallon drum of ammo for each one. I can't afford any of it. I'd settle for a small automatic or revolver to carry concealed.

I wouldn't pull it out unless I knew a jury wouldn't convict me for defending myself, permit or no permit.

Yes, we do need to educate people but also realize there are better ways to do it.

#7) What if more guns really does mean less crime, as the's census alludes to?

What do you mean "what if"? Guns do make us safer as long as they are handled responsibly. Violent crimes have sky-rocketed in countries that ban guns.

Like "they" say, better to have a gun and not need it, than need a gun and not have it.

#8) If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

If they take my 2A right away, I'll have a gun as soon as I can afford one...or "borrow" one to keep...forever.