Comment: Funny, because just yesterday I posted this...

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Funny, because just yesterday I posted this...

"The world is getting played right now, big time.

The winner in the Syria 'chemical weapons' incident, that was staged by the Globalists, is... the Globalists!

I said it over & over to all of DP that Obama & Putin are working together, for the NWO.

What happened?

They came together on an agreement, over the threat of WW3. And the precedent that was set, was that the U.N. gains even more power & the ability to confiscate a nation's weapons arsenal.

That is a total violation of national sovereignty. It is by all means, an ACT of WAR! Waged by the United Nations, supported by Obama & Putin regimes.

I oppose their U.N. "solution", to the 'problem, reaction...'.

It was clearly one of the globalists' goals the whole time. They at least got to move their piece on the chess board. It is also clear, that Assad was used by the globalists, whether willingly, or unwittingly. I believe willingly, all along. He's a tool. He's playing his part. Don't forget that dinner meeting he had with Skull & Bones John Kerry a couple years ago.

Now, I oppose the U.N. dictating to Syria what weapons they can have. Just like I oppose the U.N. dictating to US, or Israel, or any other country, what weapons they can have.

This whole thing is like setting the precedent for the U.N. small arms ban. And now we are getting these planned shootings again, and another in Niyrobi, Kenya. It's all coming down the pike."

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?