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Now I remember

I remember hearing parts of this story. Thank you for putting it all together for me again.

You're a recent joinee - relatively speaking. In the 51,000 range. What year was that? We're pushing 60,000 now, but registration is basically closed now. The only people who want to climb on this ship at this stage seem to be spammers and trolls.


But that part about MLK. That rang a bell. My old girlfriend told me about that. Ahimsa was the term that she said he used, and as a result, adopted herself. Ahimsa - To do no harm.

This was a great book:

Dreamer, by Charles Johnson. Johnson was a professor at the UW (Washington, not Wisconsin) when I was out in Seattle. I saw him speak at the University Bookstore. He's a meditator.

He told the story of his first time - somehow he read about it, when he was like 14, and he tried it. And he liked it! So he kept on doing it, and he said that in this sea of chaos, he has no idea how he'd survive if he didn't have that ability - to go back to the Void, to the Source from time to time.

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Power of Love, Power of Truth. It is so beautiful. But for me, it also brings up memories of Pol Pot...

Oh, I get it.

I'm going to go do a little reading, scarecrow.

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