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I was with you in the beginning...

I read my first Daily Paul threads back in '08, around the time I traveled with a small group down to Ames Iowa to watch the doctor speak. I didn't join up though because I'm really committed to my online forums - you're my second after , and because I was also busy recovering from a house fire that claimed most of my then book collection, of which the only title I truly miss is The MAD World Of William M Gaines.

This post has been at the back of, and most other points in my mind since April, but Smudge's comment in the mod box forced me to finally put it out there. Thanks, Smudge!

I decided to join because I was distributing RP info door-to-door with my then dtd job and I thought others should know what I knew about dtd protocol. Who knew?

my very first DP post:

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.