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I'm hoping that...

"Walt will kill Jack and his crew and free Jessie and get his money back. Jessie will kill Todd."

I hope exactly that happens, just like you said. And I think it may very well happen. But I don't think the second part will happen. I don't think Walt will get his money to Skyler. He may take the ricin himself, but he may another use for it.

I'm guessing that Lidia will get killed by either Todd, for not accepting his 'romantic' advances, or by Walt or Jesse, in the cross-fire, or aftermath of a bloodbath between Walt/Jesse & Jack/Todd's crew.

Whatever happens, I'm really freaking depressed over it ending. It is the only TV show I've ever really gotten into. I feel like the Obama administration/DoJ put pressure on AMC to end the show or something, and make Walt & Jesse true bad guys, as the show was becoming very popular, and could further influence the anti-drug-war sentiment that is exponentially growing. Is that totally paranoid to think that? I honestly don't think it is, at all, anymore.

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