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There is always scarcity.

Scarcity isn't about the universe. Scarcity is about human nature. This isn't Misesian, much as I respect the man, but scarcity isn't the property of the universe.

The Austrian insight of marginal utility makes this clear.

Even if we believe a central planner can do what no central planner has ever done, create an absolute abundance, it would make no difference.

How do we know?

Because the poorest American lives a lavish lifestyle compared to his brethren a century before. Yet there is still scarcity. No one starves but complaints are not in scarcity.

It doesn't matter how much can be produced. Whatever there is a lot of, people will discount, this is natural, why should anyone value what is abundant? There is no such thing as post scarcity, because there will always be something that is scarce because humans will always find something they want when all of their other previous desires are satisfied.

If all material wants are satisfied, which is something central planning cannot ever provide because doing so would remove the power of the planners, there will still be scarcity.

If all women are, by the beneficence of the central computer, provided with a Brad Pitt clone, then they would want a Christopher Hemsworth, or Jude Law, or Sean Bean or Daniel Craig, etc.

Scarcity is built into us. There is no end to scarcity until there is an end to humanity.