Comment: Nothing wrong with giving old Cruz "feedback"

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Nothing wrong with giving old Cruz "feedback"

Just because he can handle himself doesn't mean we need to treat him with kid gloves.

He's not a talented athlete or an artistic talent that we have to negotiate a 'deal' with him.

Obama is doing just fine at the task of getting Americans to fear government... at all levels... rich, poor and in between.
He has gotten people who have never said a word to stand up in town halls and say, "enough!"
Some rich and middle class are voting with their feet and surrendering their citizenship. That's a serious commitment.

That's half the battle... an irate minority...

There will be politicians coming forward who are as good as Cruz and better.

It's the human spirit hungry for freedom.

We need to have confidence that the irate minority will field and support candidates who can help lead America back to it's free spirit.