Comment: Brilliant.

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A problem homeschooled kids face, with having sensitive informed parents, is the difficultly many adults have accepting the fact....a kid is smarter than they are. So being attacked by adults is not so unusual. Goes with the territory. Einstein played the violin, terribly (her penmanship is not terrible) and he knew it. He did not care, because he enjoyed it, and did not base his self esteem upon that one simple fact. Clearly, those who have unkind things to say about her brilliance, over penmanship....really feel shitty that they could not have said it better. I homeschooled my daughter for many years, and although I do not like paragraphs.....I succeeded in helping her to feel well loved. This letter shared, is from a parent who cares about every aspect of his child's life. So, "Kardashian/Football TV and GMO Popcorn Lovers," go pick on someone your own size, and stop pretending you care.

Morgaine D'Clegg