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I don't think he's calling

I don't think he's calling for Cruz to get a "pass" as much as he is calling for supporting people doing the right thing and opposing them doing the wrong thing.

If we have politicians who are doing it 75% right and 25% wrong, if we attack them 100% of the time, then why should they ever consider listening to our reasons on the 25% they are messing up.

Better to tell them, "Sir you are correct on w, x, and y...but Senator, you are way off on z."

Also, this allows for the coalition building that Ron talks about. If we are able to praise that a candidate does right, we can better relate with his supporters. We then have an avenue to educate them, to push for common objectives, and we are less likely to be seen as "wacko birds" when it gets close to the presidential election and CNN, NBC, and FOX all start sending out the message that libertarians are crazy.