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Comment: I Don’t Care What Palin Says

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I Don’t Care What Palin Says

I have learned to be weary of anybody who is aligned with the old guard. And that instinct has proven correct time and time again.

I will not ever forget that she was aligned with McCain…. McCAIN!!! She may or may not have really supported him, and some of you might say that she was just “playing the game of politics” (like I’m seeing people say about Rand as well). But, this “game” is the very thing that gives politicians the cover to get through elections, and in turn, betray us when in office. We will NEVER be able to know what kind of candidate we are going to get as long as we allow ourselves to forgive them for “playing the game”. Ron Paul didn’t play the game. We knew where he stood always. Let’s reject any politician who plays the game. Let’s not ever give them a chance to “see the light”.

What do we lose if we adopt this policy? Every once in a while we will lose a good candidate who really did see the light. But, there will always be a principled candidate to take their place.

What do we stand to gain if we forever shun candidates who have once been aligned with the wrong side? We will get candidates who are fiercely afraid of betraying the principles that they are elected on.

So, as far as I’m concerned, Palin will never have an opportunity to gain my trust.