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Pointless laws

You're right... we are free!!! Freedom!!! yay! So I guess you don't agree with stopping at red lights, or stop signs? Those are just pointless. Drive 90 in a 70 mph zone, go go go.... If people paid attention and were aware of things around them, we wouldn't need all the laws.
I grew up in a town of 5k people. We had one traffic signal. We got around fine without signs and lights because there were straight through streets and people yielded the right of way. Being a courteous driver and respecting others works great until people encounter someone who thinks their text is more important than others' safety. By all means make sure you text to someone an important message of lol or omg. I am amazed that people can't sit the damn phone down for 5 minutes.
Please continue texting while driving until you kill someone. Then you can say it was their fault for being in your way. Oh, if you get bored with texting you can always play games on your phone while driving!!

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