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Comment: No, the bill had to do with taxes

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No, the bill had to do with taxes

The Senate took up HR 3590, which regarded housing tax breaks for service members. Here's a quote from WIkipedia:

The Senate began work on its own proposals while the House was still working on the Affordable Health Care for America Act. Instead, the Senate took up H.R. 3590, a bill regarding housing tax breaks for service members.[107] As the United States Constitution requires all revenue-related bills to originate in the House,[108] the Senate took up this bill since it was first passed by the House as a revenue-related modification to the Internal Revenue Code. The bill was then used as the Senate's vehicle for their healthcare reform proposal, completely revising the content of the bill.[109] The bill as amended would ultimately incorporate elements of proposals that were reported favorably by the Senate Health and Finance committees.