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Comment: let go

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let go

Whether or not "America" is lost is of no ultimate concern.

Columbus was lost in 1492.

The united States were lost in the 1860s. A nation was founded in their place.

If you cling to America as a concept, you will lose yourself with it.

America is a place. Your freedom is what's important. If you fight for or engage your freedom, you will find yourself in America. If you fight for or engage America, you will lose your freedom.

The "American Dream" is a nightmare in terms of its being the dream of America, but your dream in what we nostalgically refer to as America is your destiny to manifest.

At best America is an automobile. The automobile itself is never lost of itself. You may lose your automobile to a thief, mangle it irreversibly in a head-on collision. You may lose your keys or even forget where you parked it, but ultimately what's important is that you have some place to go and you have other means to get there...