Comment: Yes because he knows I have found the lawful path

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Yes because he knows I have found the lawful path

He doesn't want my understanding to spread because the result is that Government would no longer have the power to interfere with anyone without the consent of the governed meaning that the accuser accepting liability for their own accusation against another is the only lawful path for Government to have lawful power in ANY initiation of court proceedings. Consent of the governed being explicitly defined as the identified principal accuser that the agent of government is acting on behalf of means ALL power of Judicial process is in the hands of the individuals that make up We the People. Consent of the governed NOT Consent of the Government. This removes ALL the prosecuting attorneys' false claims of authority when one knows where this came from in Common Law and how we can implement RIGHT NOW with only clear awareness. They will run out of time. Time is the most powerful law of Nature. When Constitutional Law, Organic Law and Common Law have failed we must turn to Natural Law to ensure the protections of Law and Time is a path to non-violent remedy and the protections of law. He can't stand that I know this fact and needs to discredit me any way he can.

He is a former or active prosecutor who has admitted on DP in the past to defeating "Sovereign Citizens" as such. Now I believe he is working the "Sovereign Citizen" angle possibly an investigator to identify "Sovereign Citizens" online of which he has created the (false) assumption that I am. With this angle he pokes me to look for information he can use to profile me as some form of threat and to pre-emptively find "SC" arguments that they can prepare and disseminate their counter logic to within courts (which once proven will demonstrate mens rea). This is what I believe he is doing here with me.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...