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Gee slugnuts; those sunshiny

Gee slugnuts; those sunshiny scriptures you just posted almost made me forget about the volumes of bloodthirsty tyrannical garbage you can pick out of the very same book. What is it, 200+ cases of god-sponsored genoside? Dashing philistine babies against the stones? Burning out the eyes with plague sores of those whom the lord fed because they weren't quite grateful enough for his gifts? Sacking Job's house and killing off all his wives, children, servants and animals just to win a dick-measuring contest against the devil?

Or how about Hell? Infinite endless horror and suffering if you fail to believe in/worship/plead for forgivness from/ grovel sufficiently before your loving god.

Stow the scriptures, they are meaningless. You can pick out good, positive messages in Hitler's Mein Kampf if you're really determined to present and out-of-context lie about the meaning of the book. You can do the same with the bible. The bible is medival peasant control that seeks to install the model of authoritative collectivist monarchy into fear-drenched primitive minds while staving off their desire for justice against their oppressors by promising them a "reward" in the NEXT life. Its the greatest bullshit story of all time, and people are still lapping it up to this day.

If an earthly ruler governed anywhere close to how the bible paint's god's rule, he'd be dragged out into the street and beaten to death. Well... unless he had sufficient power, in which case they'd call him "Glorious Leader" and worship him like a god in North Korea. Its amazing how some people fold over against fear. I guess everyone has their threshold. For some, its a cosmic overlord who sees everything and has the power to light you on fire until the end of time.