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Comment: Clinton is being refreshingly honest here

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Clinton is being refreshingly honest here

In any insurance mechanism there needs to be a pool that spreads the risk, not just to be profitable but to have enough in reserve to pay the future claims. We have an aging population and increasing medical costs that are hampered by regulation and litigation. That being said, the other problem is the system of employer paid health insurance that has several special interests working to block any change that would allow free market forces to hold down prices.

The special interests are, the employers, the employees, the state regulatory agencies, the insurance companies and the medical industrial complex.

The real solution is to have each individual own his own HSA policy and start the funding at their first paycheck, 100% tax free. As funds grow in the HSA the guaranteed renewable major med policy could have deductible choices from $1,000-$100,000+. That would put the patient in control of costs, its a whole lot easier for the hospital to charge $50.00 for an aspirin on a blue card, than to get a patient to write out a check from his own account.

Phil Graham once said "If I had an employer paid card to buy my groceries with, I would eat better and so would my dog"

Put the individual in control of as much of the costs as possible and the free market will drive prices down, eliminate unnecessary procedures, and create a viable low regulation market for insurers.